May 25, 2018- Mr. O’Leary’s CP 10 English Classes- D2 and D5

Welcome! Rough drafts are due today. -)

Today, you will be completing the rough draft of your research paper. Please use the checklist (Exit Ticket #16) to make sure your paper includes all the requirements.

Your rough draft is due at the end of the period. Please print two copies of your rough draft, and attach an Exit Ticket #16 to each copy. Give one copy to Mr. O’Leary and one copy to Mrs. Lee. Thank you!

Learning Target:

I can:

1) write a rough draft for my research paper, which includes:

  • cover page
  • introduction
  • three (3) body paragraphs
  • conclusion
  • works cited page

and meets the structure and mechanics requirements.


1) Exit Ticket #16: Rough Draft Checklist-  rough-draft-checklist-2017-update.pdf

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