May 4 and 7, 2018- Mrs. Cohen’s 9th Grade English Classes

Welcome! Today you will continue researching and gathering information for your multigenre research paper. Three helpful resources

Books (using the Morse Library’s online catalog)
Web sites (NO Wikipedia)

Note: Please bookmark the library’s web site on your Chromebook.
Learning Targets:
I will :
1)  use the library’s online catalog to find books that will help me answer my research question.
2) […]

May 4, 2018- Mr. O’Leary’s English 10 Classes- A3, A4, and A6

Welcome! Today we will discuss required resources:

web site (NO Wikipedia)
database article

You will see a demonstration on how to access:

the library’s on-line catalog to find book sources

Exit Tickets are note taking sheets:

#5 (web source)

#6 (book source)

#7 (database)

Exit Tickets #5, #6, and #7: note-taking-sheet-april-26-2018-revised-copy-exit-ticket-_5-copy-2.pdf