September 21, 2017- Freshman Foundations Classes- Mr. DeRosa, Mrs. Simmons, Mr. Tinker, and Ms. Parker

 ”The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” ~Albert Einstein

Welcome Mr. DeRosa’s, Mrs. Simmon’s, Mr. Tinker’s, and Ms. Parker’s Freshman Foundation classes! Today you will participate in a brief library orientation and tour.

Learning Targets:

I can:

1. Name 4 services that the library can provide me.

2. Use the library online catalog to locate books and materials (via the library blog’s QR code or web site).

3. Access the library’s blog for class assignments, databases, research pathfinders, and writing instruction guidelines.

Handout: ninth-grade-orientation-handout-revised-september-12-2017.pdf

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