April 26, 2016- Mr. O’Leary’s D2 and D5- Sophomore English Classes

Today our focus will be on examining resources for your research. You are required to have a minimum of three (3) resources:

  1. database article
  2. book
  3. web site

However, using additional resources is encouraged!

Friendly reminder: If you have not completed Exit Tickets #1, #2, #3, or #4, please do so before beginning today’s work.
Learning Targets

I will:

1) use the library’s databases to find an article that supports my thesis.

2) use the library’s online catalog to find a book that supports my research.

3) search for a web site that supports my thesis.

4) take notes, using the Note Taking Organizer, on one of the above required sources. (Exit Ticket #5)


1) Note Taking Organizer: note-taking-organizer-2016-version.pdf

2) Logging on to Our Blog and Databases and Accessing Our Catalog: logging-on-to-our-blog-and-accessing-our-catalog.pdf

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