March 29, 2015- Mrs. Stanton’s A3, A4, and A6- 9th Grade English Classes

Welcome! Let’s recap from your last session.

On Monday, March 28 or Thursday, March 24 (depending on your class schedule rotation),you completed:

  • build supporting paragraph #4, using sources (Exit Ticket #10)
  • notes completed from three sources; continue to research if fourth and fifth resources are needed.
  • build conclusion paragraph (Exit Ticket #11)

Today, you will:

  • complete works cited page, using EasyBib.


1) Note Taking Organizer: note-taking-organizer-2016-version-final-copy.pdf

2) Body Paragraph #4- Graphic Organizer: graphic-organizer-body-paragraph-_4.pdf

2) Conclusion- Graphic Organizer: conclusion-graphic-organizer.pdf

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